Vicidial and Goldmine CRM Integration


We are looking to create an integration between Vicidial and GoldMine CRM V6.7. This is not a web based CRM. My objective is to the load the leads into both databases (mysql for Vicidial and Dbase for Goldmine). When Vicidial sends the call to the agent, I would like to “pop” this customers info on the goldmine CRM.
Agents are using X-Lite softphones and ViciBox server (most recent version) is installed.
The simpler the solution, the more attractive it will be to me. I would prefer not to modify any of the databases.
Looking forward to hearing from you re your quotes and estimates.

Please help.

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Hi Robin,

I’m sorry we don’t have any experience with Goldmine and/or Vicidial.

But is see on

there is some help available.

Good luck

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